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Did You Know?

A charming, historic town, Toodyay is located 85 km from Perth. Situated on the Avon River it's a quiet place which is ideal for day trippers from the city and offers enough historic buildings and old world charm to satisfy any urban dweller.

The name Toodyay is said to be a corruption of the local Aboriginal word 'duigee,' meaning 'place of plenty'. This name related to the richness and fertility of the area and the reliability of the Avon River.

The original town of Toodyay was abandoned In the 1850s due to continuous flooding of the Avon. The local Aborigines knew of the dangers of the site, and even used to joke about the kangaroos getting bogged in the mud left after the floods.

A new town was built 2 km further upstream and named Newcastle in 1861. The inevitable confusion with Newcastle in New South Wales resulted in it being renamed Toodyay in 1911.

Farm Stay

The Esslemont Estate Olive Farm offers weekend or holiday accommodation in the most relaxed surroundings imaginable, within an easy hour and a half’s drive from Perth.

Set in rolling hills, surrounded largely by bush, and within a short distance of great walking through the wandoo forest, the Estate itself is a top destination. But staying here also puts you within easy reach of many other attractions.

Head down the Julimar Road away from Toodyay, and you will soon reach the beautiful Chittering Valley. Here are vineyards producing wine that many of the Swan Valley producers admit is superior to theirs. Most of the vineyards offer tastings, and several of them have restaurants attached.

Turn the other way, towards Toodyay, and within twenty minutes gentle driving you are in the heart of one of the State’s earliest settlements outside Perth, alongside the Avon River. In the townsite are the old mill, back in largely working condition, other 19th Century buildings, historic wine cellars, antique shops, pubs, cafes and restaurants, and pottery and art studios.

Move out of town just a little and there are pecan groves, lavender fields, an emu farm, an alpaca farm, and Coorinja Estate, an old-established winery producing some of the State’s best ports at bargain prices.

www.toodyaytourist.com will give you lots of ideas for spending many days in the area.

Esslemont Estate accommodation

We have two self-contained cottages, newly refurbished, each with a double and a twin bedroom, a kitchen-dining-sitting room, shared bathroom, patio and carport. Unlike most farm stays, and unlike almost all other holiday accommodation, you are welcome to bring your dog with you.

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